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  • 无论你是开始你的大学学位, continuing your education, or re-envisioning your career, 我们的58个独特的学位课程提供无限的晋升机会.
  • Join our 13,拥有31个学士学位专业和27个副学士学位专业,学生人数达1000人, preparing for high-tech careers, graduate education, 以及对社区的贡献.

Mission Statement

招生办公室的任务是招生, admit, 为符合条件的多元化城市人口服务. 通过多种录取和招聘策略, the Office of Admissions works to ensure that eligible students have access to a high quality technological and professional education. 城市科技以改变学生的生活而自豪.

Admissions Office

Director's Message

Room: NG 17


Phone: 718-260-5500

On Campus - Office Hours Zoom Hours*
Monday 9:00AM — 5:00PM 11:00AM — 1:00PM
Tuesday 9:00AM — 5:00PM 1:00PM — 3:00PM
Wednesday 9:30AM — 6:30PM 1:00PM — 3:00PM
Thursday 9:00AM — 5:00PM 11:00AM — 1:00PM
Friday 9:00AM — 5:00PM

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Meeting ID: 958 2670 9321

Passcode: Admissions

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Freshmen and Transfer students can apply quickly and easily online using the City University of New York (CUNY) Application. City Tech has rolling admissions; however, applications should be filed early.

春季学期的优先截止日期为9月15日. 秋季学期的优先截止日期为2月1日.

需要帮助决定选择什么专业或弄清楚申请流程? 与我们的内部招生顾问安排一次会面 here.

How to Apply

Apply for Spring 2024

准备申请2024年春季学期? 遵循这3个简单的步骤开始吧.

1. 在线申请并在城市科技选择您选择的课程.

Apply online

Watch this helpful video 以了解如何启动应用程序.

2. Email your documents to City Tech.

学生可以提交所需的经济援助, 通过CUNYfirst提供医疗服务和注册/学生记录文件.

See Student Document Upload instructions on the CUNYfirst Training page.

如果你是大一新生,请发邮件 with any questions and/or concerns.
如果您是转学生,请发送电子邮件 with your inquiries.
If you are a counselor, please email for transcript status information.

3. Check your email regularly.

请关注City Tech的更多信息, 并先登录cunyy查看您的申请状态. (Learn how)

Freshman Applicant

如果你是一名高中毕业生,请提交一份新生申请, a student who has earned an equivalency diploma or passed the General Educational Development examination (original scores, not a copy, must be submitted). More Info 



Transfer Applicant

Admission to City Tech as a transfer student is based upon the student's high school and college academic record. Students without an associate degree will be considered for transfer admission based on the number of credits completed, the cumulative GPA, 英语和数学能力. More Info 


ASAP is designed to help motivated students earn their Associate degree as quickly as possible, 目标是至少50%的学生在三年或更短的时间内毕业. ASAP在纽约城市理工学院(City Tech)强调丰富的学术, 财务和个人支持,包括全面和个性化的建议, career counseling, tutoring, tuition waivers, MTA地铁卡和额外的财政援助,以支付教科书的费用. More Info 


If you formerly attended City Tech but have not been in attendance for the entire previous semester or longer, you must apply for readmission. 关于再入院的更多信息.  
Please note: Students who attended another college after leaving City Tech are considered transfer students and should file a transfer application with The Transfer Student Center.

Senior Citizen

Effective fall 1995, if you are 60 years of age or older and meet the CUNY requirements for demonstrating New York state residency, 您可以在可用空间的基础上免费旁听课程. 作为一名旁听生,你既没有成绩也没有学分. Upon registration, you must pay a $65 fee plus applicable student fee at the office of the Bursar. If you wish to receive academic credit, you must pay the appropriate tuition for the courses. 在任何一种情况下,你必须按照上述程序申请. You must provide proof of age, i.e., birth certificate, 在注册前将驾驶执照或医疗保险卡送到招生办公室.


SEEK提供广泛的咨询和学术支持服务, 包括职业和学术规划, personal counseling, a state- of-the-art computer lab, 在许多学科领域的辅导和学术指导. More Info 

International Applicant

你在美国以外的地方接受过教育吗? Do you count yourself as a permanent resident, refugee, and/or a student on a temporary visa (i.e. F1 student visas)? 你需要提交适当的申请(大一或转学). More Info 

After You Apply

After you apply, find out what is required to complete your admission review and how to check your application status.

Now that you have completed the Online Admission Application be sure to submit all required supporting documents, and review notification dates and the type of admission decision you should expect to receive.

Check your status

请记住,检查是你的责任 your application status 确保我们收到了所有的文件. 你应该留出6-8周的时间来更新你的申请状态.

Please note that all materials and documents (including original documents) submitted as part of an application for admission become the property of CUNY/UAPC and cannot be returned.


Scholarships & Financial Aid

College isn't free. 奖学金和经济援助会有所帮助.

Apply for Financial Aid

The 7 Steps will provide you with information on how to apply for federal and New York State financial aid. Learn more


City Tech offers a variety of scholarships to entering freshmen, continuing and transfer students. 这些奖学金中有许多是基于学业成绩和/或经济需要. Learn more